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Modern Archive

Who needs a Modern Archive?

Your Current Archive Just Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

Today, massive amounts of data come in various forms, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.  Enterprises are generating data at an unprecedented rate, fueled by factors such as increased digitalization, IoT devices, social media, artificial intelligence, and customer interactions.  This rapid data growth has lead to overwhelming volumes of Dark Data - and it has exposed the limitations of legacy archive solutions.


Managing and analyzing unstructured and semi-structured Dark Data, such as text documents, images, and videos, is particularly challenging [and beyond the capabilities of current archive solutions].  Complicating matters even more, this escalating Dark Data is often stored in disparate systems and departments, leading to data fragmentation.  This fragmentation can make identifying, accessing, and analyzing Dark Data difficult.

Recognizing the Need for a Modern Archive

Unfortunately, leading archive solutions [as well as our own EAS, ZOVY, CAMM, Nearpoint and HPCA] are primarily designed for email archiving and data management, with a focus on ensuring compliance, security, and accessibility for email communications.  While these solutions excel in handling email data, they  have limitations when it comes to archiving Dark Data.  But we have the solution …


“At PremCloud Resources, we are proud to introduce Ai Data Detect, a groundbreaking data governance solution that modernizes any data storage or archiving solution.  Packed with advanced features, adaptive hosting connectivity, AI-powered efficiency, and seamless integration with any legacy archive solution, this powerful tool will empower organizations with precise control over their entire data estates, including their escalating Dark Data.  

By harnessing the capabilities of Ai Data Detect, organizations will confidently connect to all their data estates, cure their Dark Data problem, turn their legacy archives into modern smart archives, securely preserve their data, dramatically reduce their storage costs, and unlock the full potential of all their data information for eDiscovery, compliance, informed decision-making, collaboration, and innovation.”

- Ronan Curran, President, PremCloud Resources

Effortlessly Manage Explosive Data Growth and Optimize Current Resources
As Big Data accumulates rapidly, organizations face resource strain and increased costs.  Ai Data Detect offers effective data management strategies, compression, and deduplication to reduce storage needs.  With comprehensive data governance policies it will ensure proper classification, management, and protection throughout the data lifecycle, modernizing current resources and enabling substantial cost savings.

Ensure Long-Term Data Retention and Compliance with Robust Data Archiving
Whether organizations prefer on-premise or cloud-based archiving, Ai Data Detect provides flexible options to cater to different organizational needs and compliance requirements, ensuring long-term data retention and regulatory compliance.


Streamline Data Discovery with a Consolidated and Indexed Archive
With Ai Data Detect, organizations can consolidate their archived data into a centralized repository while maintaining legacy archives, eliminating the complexities of managing dispersed storage.  The solution's advanced indexing capabilities will enable easy access to archived data through a user-friendly interface.  By streamlining the data discovery process, Ai Data Detect will save valuable time and effort in locating and retrieving specific information from the archives.


Ai Data Detect also offers Adaptive Hosting and Data Orchestration for Enhanced Flexibility.

“Ai Data Detect offers flexible deployment options, adapting to the specific needs of organizations.  Whether it's legacy on-premise, cloud-based (private, third-party, or hybrid) archiving, or a combination of both, the Ai Data Detect Smart Archiving solution will optimize infrastructure costs while accommodating evolving archiving requirements.  Furthermore, Ai Data Detect will modernize data orchestration, enabling logical siloing and storage of data in desired locations to meet compliance and regulatory obligations across multiple jurisdictions.” 

- Marco Pizzolo, Powered by PremCloud

Accelerate eDiscovery and Enhance Data Accessibility
Ai Data Detect will soon include Express eDiscovery, a trusted tool utilized by Fortune 500 companies, AM 100 Law Firms, and government agencies, providing rapid eDiscovery capabilities across multiple enterprise applications.  Additionally, Ai Data Detect will empower end-users with convenient access to archived data through a suite of applications, including a secure mobile app.  This accessibility will enhance collaboration, enable informed decision-making, and boost productivity even while on the go.


Ensure Data Integrity, Security, and Immutable Storage
Ai Data Detect will guarantee the integrity and accuracy of archived data through meticulous data aggregation processes.  It will capture, migrate, and clean various types of unstructured and Dark Data, ensuring the highest quality and reliability of the archived information.  Compliance remains a top priority, as the solution addresses multinational enterprises' data custody laws and varying domicile conditions.  With features such as token-based authentication, encrypted communication, strict access controls, and immutable storage, Ai Data Detect will provide comprehensive data security, safeguarding against breaches and unauthorized access.  This will enable organizations to comply with data protection regulations and maintain the highest level of data security.


Boost Operational Efficiency with AI-powered Automation and Integration
Leveraging the power of AI, Ai Data Detect will automate data-related tasks such as data transfer, analysis, search and retrieval, metadata generation, and optimization.  By reducing manual effort and enhancing operational efficiency, the solution will improve the accuracy and speed of data-related processes.  Ai Data Detect seamlessly integrates with any legacy archive solution, enabling advanced insights, profiling, and automated lifecycle policies for data retention.  This integration will enhance the organization's overall data management capabilities and maximize the value of archived data, as well as their current legacy solutions.


Future-Proof Archiving and Integration with Ai Data Connect & Detect
Ai Data Detect will ensure that organizations' archiving processes remain modern and future-proof.  The solution will adapt to emerging technologies and regulatory changes, providing advanced features to address new challenges in data management.  Moreover, Ai Data Detect seamlessly integrates with all archives, maximizing the value of archived data and enhancing overall data management capabilities.

“The use of Kubernetes in our Ai Data Detect systems provides organizations with easy automation and management capabilities.  Kubernetes Clusters enable efficient deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications, streamlining data ingestion, archiving, access, and backup and recovery processes.  Its high availability, scalability, and ease of management empower organizations to handle data access, storage, retention, disposal, and archiving tasks effectively and efficiently within legacy environments.”

- Deniel Lambrakis, PremCloud Resources

Choose the Right Archiving Option for Your Needs

Ai Data Detect understands the diverse needs of organizations and offers both next-generation on-premise and cloud archiving options.  On-premise archiving provides full control and compliance over data but may require significant investment in hardware and IT staff.  On the other hand, cloud archiving reduces costs and reliance on internal infrastructure while offering scalability and flexibility.

The transformative power of Smart Archiving to modernize and optimize data archiving processes, maintain compliance, and succeed in the digital landscape is the last link in the first iteration of the Ai Data Detect Smart Archiving solution.  Its scalability, integration capabilities, and future-proof archiving will ensure a seamless transition amidst technological and regulatory changes, enabling efficient data management and informed decision-making.

Our Beta Release of Ai Data Detect will be made available to select ZNZ Resources customers July 1, 2024.  Apply now.

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