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Cure for Dark Data

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Curing Dark Data
by turning Dark Data into Smart Data

Data is considered the most valuable and vulnerable resource today.  Yet, over 50% of an organization’s data is dark, unknown, and unused.  Ai Data Connect & Detect turns this data into valuable Smart Data.

Compared to other critical assets, Big Data presents a unique challenge for organizations because it is not only growing exponentially, it often lacks the enriched metadata necessary for proper assignment of ownership, risk assessment, storage medium and tiering, business relevance, and upstream utilization capability.  


As this ever-expanding data accumulates in massive amounts from an endless array of sources [both internal and external], it inevitably leads to increased costs and risks.


Our Ai Data Connect & Detect provides a seamless solution to recognize, consolidate, cleanse, reduce, classify, centralize, access, secure, search, and manage all of your organization’s data for compliance and eDiscovery demands, future strategic use, and maximum benefit.

Revolutionizing Data Value with Smart Data

At the heart of Ai Data Connect & Detect’s unique value proposition is the transformation of unidentified and Dark Data into Smart Data. 

Ai Data Connect & Detect converts your Dark Data into Smart Data.  It simplifies data management, significantly reduces data storage costs, and enhances your data strategy.


The Dark Data Avalanche

Dark Data is data that organizations can’t identify.  It is part of the massive, complex, sprawling world of Big Data.  Research reveals that 60% to 85% of unstructured data in storage setups is Dark Data. 


In order to Cure Dark Data, Ai Data Detect provides rapid visibility and understanding of these enormous and exponentially growing data stores.


By shining a light on Dark Data and allowing users to search, discover, and govern that data, Ai Data Detect addresses the operational burdens of data compliance obligations and, with human-augmented AI, transforms Dark Data into a competitive advantage. 


Getting Cured: Step by Step

1.  Initial Analysis and Planning

Start by acknowledging the issue of data overload.  Engage in collaborative workshops with our Subject Matter Experts to define the scope, scale, assumptions, and success criteria of your project.  To ensure a smooth and efficient deployment, we'll provide the necessary architecture and security documentation required by your InfoSec team.

2.  Fast Deployment and Full Optimization

With your understanding and approval, we will then deploy the Ai Data Detect components on your preferred environment - on-premise, hosted, or cloud Kubernetes clusters.  We'll also facilitate the integration of Ai Data Detect with your Directory servers and chosen Data Repositories.  After deployment, we'll fine-tune the Ai Data Detect components to maximize performance and align with your infrastructure.

3.  Data Analysis and Action

Ai Data Detect is capable of scanning up to 6 million files per hour, providing quick and comprehensive analysis of your data.  It generates clear, graphical feedback on the location, ownership, and usage patterns of your data.  Moreover, it uses Ai for deep analysis of key data to identify content, recognize risks, and provide crucial insights.  With this data, you can take decisive actions such as deleting ROT, applying retention policies, and moving data to more cost-effective storage tiers.

4.  Project Review and Success Celebration

Once the implementation and data analysis stages are complete, it's time to assess the project results using the Ai Data Detect Cost Calculator.  Verify whether the forecasted cost savings and success criteria have been achieved.  Upon validation of success, you can celebrate your victory in achieving efficient and effective data management.



Chris Fennessey

VP of c1 Advantage

“Ai Data Detect allowed us to rapidly and accurately identify, classify, and profile GE’s data estate, which provided GE with the ability to re-tier several PBs of storage [with a projected savings of $30M], identify sensitive data exposure and risk, and improve data security with control over data ownership and access.”

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